Monday, August 19, 2002

Norwegian research has shown that using cell-phones for messages does not ruin the Norwegian language. An article in the Norwegian Newspaper Dagbladet quotes researcher Kjell Atle Halvorsen at the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim, who's been involved in a case study of school-children between 13-16, which is supposed to be the group most dependent on Smart Messaging System - SMS. In conjunction with the research of Berit Skog at NTNU, who leads a project called Mobil Youth Culture, it's now official that cellphones help teen-agers to manage their social life better, they develop language and are more concious of genres, they don't take the SMS-language into the writing they do for school, and only 10% use it to cheat at tests.

Sounds like technology isn't so dangerous after all.

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