Wednesday, August 07, 2002

One of the things I have to plan this autumn, is a beginners course in writing. Luckily I don't have to teach it, but I need to plan the contents. A search on the net brings me some pages of other resources, such as this: Writing Resources on the World Wide Web, which might be useful, but not really what I am looking for.

There are lots of tutorials for HTML out there, and this is one that looked comprehensive - but rather old. Still - that might be my level of competence - at least at first, and I might be back to that... I should learn enough about writing on the web that I can at least understand what the students are doing from more than an analytical position.

Looking further I found what looks like a well-planned course in web writing: Writing for New Media, a course at Towson University in Maryland with Thomas Lieb. It's a bit ambitious for what I am looking for, but I like the way he progresses from the personal web-site (which I expect the students to have a particular interest in making and maintaining) and to more analytical assignments. Still, perhaps not surprisingly, University of Texas has a very interesting web-writing course with instructor Tonya Browning (A website in the fridge... perhaps so it will be cooler?) which includes a female perspective (women on the web) and building for MUDs, both MOOs and Diku-MUDs.

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