Saturday, May 24, 2003

DAC - a love story
I was so nervous the first time. Tentatively involved as a hostess for strangers, a hundred blind dates at once. While some had friends, I had some frail professional links, and a deep desire. The loneliness in my mind was eating my intellect from the inside, turning it to a desert, shining pebbles that could have hidden amber drops washed up at the beach ground into a dried out sand.

That is when I first met the DAC crowd. Laughter, pleasure, delight bursting from the same mouths as utter unintellible strands of words, fingers that tap keyboards or stroke them sensously. Long hard nights of drinking, dancing, laughing were simply an extension of the delirious delight of intellectual pursuits. And since the feeling has grown - deeper, wider, more vast than empires, and more slow... A love to encompass crowd, to tolerate arrogance, to educate ingorance, to permit the flawed and the perfect, the gentle and the harsh. And through it all, the knowledge that the net will link us all, keep us gently touching across the planet.

Yes, I am a slut. A slut for brilliant minds, well-shaped sentences and the thrill of adrenalin as something goes not quite right at the presentations.

I guess one can say I like these conferences...

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