Sunday, May 11, 2003

The unbearable lightness of...
Since easter, life has been too full (read: busy) for reflection. This afternoon I am enjoying a brief unexpected respite, and I know I should have spent it on the phone with a friend who called me in the middle of last night's cake orgy. I have slept at least one night in a hotell every week, I have talked to (as in in-depth supervision) at least 8 students every day exept the days I have been away at hotels (and mailed them in the week-ends), and I have had my whole family visiting for my son's confirmation. It feels like I have been walking on ice, fragile and thin, brittle and cracking when I pause for long enough to stand still with both feet in the same spot. The dark, frozen depths beneath will kill me in brief, merciful moments, numb me before I know that I am drowning, and I will float just below the clear inches of ice, staring up at the world of the living with blue, frozen eyes.

I will continue dancing across the slippery surface of my life, but on journeys I get the time to contemplate the path, while still moving. It's a break in the scramble and hustle, and I can relax into the moment, the movement. And soon I will be at the other side of the world, and who knows how things look from down under?

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