Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Leaving now - and email trouble
I am off home to pack the last things, I'll be in Oslo tonight, so still within cell-phone range, but after that I will be very hard to reach. It does not help that the college has chosen this time of the year to update and maintain the college web-pages, web-mail and all other useful stuff for absent staff. Which means that until the college web-mail works, writing to my regular email means it will be a long time until I reply. You have a much better chance with my private email address (I only use it as a back up, not something I check daily): sorry, removed it because the webmail is working again. Use the regular college address.

And to all my students with lots and lots of exams waiting: don't worry, I have made your tests and they will be handed out to you at the right moment by the right people even if I should be delayed. You lucky students!

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