Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Story of the roaming didjeridoo, part 2
It's not roaming the airports of the world any more. Yesterday afternoon one of the people who work at Ørsta-Volda airport showed up at the door with it. They all know where I live by now, too much luggage making its way to our place days after I have arrived. My daughter the musician unwrapped it eagerly, and then it was time for practice. It wasn't one of the longest ones. Next time I am in Australia I'll try for one of those because that deep throbbing drone is so alien to our type of music, and it will sound very good in different ensambles. Still, it has a powerful, sustained tune, and will sound very interesting in combinations where she might otherwise have used her tenor saxophone. So I have a teenage girl practicing circle breathing, and a teenage boy constantly experimenting with a rainstick. Makes me feel all fuzzy and good-mommish!

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