Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Baudrillard on the Matrix
Baudrillard comments on The Matrix:

The Matrix implies the present situation is the one of an all-powerful superpower and so effectively echoes its propagation. Ultimately, the spread of this takeover is indeed a very part of the movie. As McLuhan said:message is medium. The message of The Matrix is its very propagation, by relentlessly contaminating everything.

Actually... I think Baudrillard and I have very different ideas about irony. And we see The Matrix differently. Where he sees the dystopia of self-destructive perfection, I see the chaos of humanity breaking through, despite layer upon layer of control-mechanisms and manipulated illusions.

By way of No sense of Place which picks an other quote, one I also disagree with - because it seems like Baudrillard has watched Matrix Reloaded like all mortal beings do - with selective perception.

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