Tuesday, July 08, 2003

A new, brave world
Sometimes, I get the urge to build. But I am not tech-savy enough that I can set up a MUD all on my own, I need somebody who knows how to tickle a game into shape, adjust the code until it behaves in all its many details. What I like to do is create the spaces. I build rooms, areas, worlds, and fill them up with background people, objects, items - I give the characters of the game a place in which to live. Today a former game administrator managed to get in touch with me, and we started planning a new world. I am thrilled, it tickles me no end to be able to put into practice the thoughts I have about how things will work out.

So far the game is nothing but a thought and two people who have agreed to work on it. We need more people - people we know and like and want to work with. We need a lot of time, several builders, a story-outline or a fictitious frame, rather, and then, when all is in place, we need players. But all in good time. First we'll have fun for a long time building!

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