Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Everything but word
As if I could stay away for more than a few days at the time... nah, really, I have a couple of decent excuses to be here at the office again. One of them is the mysterious problem that caused Markku Eskelinen to wonder why he hadn't received an updated version of my article for Dichtung Digital. I had sent it twice, and it was registered as sent mail twice in my mailbox. Saturday I spammed Markku from all my different emails, and did it in two different formats, .doc and .rtf. Turns out that all but one email reached Markku. The missing one is the one containing the .doc file from my college email.

For some reason Groupwise, the email/calender/organising/planning software the college uses, does not bring the word files to their receiver. Oh yes, they leave the computer - or so the program claims - but they never arrive at the destination. And it's not just that the attachment doesn't arrive: the entire email disappears. Gone. Mysteriously.

I wonder where they go? I can't help it, but my imagination is busy with a pile of paper and a lost little geek riffling through pouched attachments while laughing gleefully, a big poster with Bill Gates on the wall being used as arget for everything from unwanted pizza slices by way of dart-arrows to... well, let's not get too deeply into that.

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