Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Jerz's Literacy weblog
Dennis G. Jerz's blog has moved, as Dennis has moved to a new teaching position.

This blog is one of the most indecently active ones that I know of. And the really shocking part, which I discovered when I wrote Dennis for the first time perhaps a year ago, is that he is awake when I get to work. And he's awake when I get home. And he manages to teach and keep a "day" job in a totally different time-zone, where he should be getting to work around 2 pm my time, and be happily walking home at midnight my time, for a leisurely dinner, some relaxed and easy reading and a touch of television to keep updated on popular culture until approximately 4 through to 6 am my time. And then he should try to get 6-8 hours sleep and be back up around noon, for breakfast.

Instead I suspect that Dennis G. Jerz doesn't sleep. Actually, this is making me suspect that he isn't a person at all. I think he more closely resembles a very clever script, which writes personal emails and funny comments to its blogposts, but has as its main function to scoure the web searching for things to link to from its blog. It is an extremely clever script that grades papers and applies for jobs, and convinces undergraduate students to install and improve upon its different functions when it moves from one site to an other. I believe the Dennis G. Jerz entity is proof of how far artificial intelligence has been developed. And I am very, very impressed!

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