Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Anders Fagerjord has started practicing his tuba, and blogs it. I have agreed to start playing the trumpet again, a friend wants me in the band he will be directing this fall (It can't be for my playing.... it has to be for moral support). Anders' blog is a reminder that I desperately need to practice. And no, I am NOT doing it in the garden, Anders. Despite what people may think about Volda, I have neighbours living closer than 5 miles away, and my daughter the musician has an image to maintain; a mother showing off her ineptitude in public might damage it severely. (I also consult with the kids when shopping, because as they grow, I have increasingly become a part of their accessories. It's cool to have a mother who works at the Media Department in Volda, doing research on computer games and new media, but totally uncool if she wears flower-print trousers...)

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