Monday, June 20, 2005

Autumn plans

The autumn starts settling into place, and it looks like it may be manageable. Teaching and administration is a given, it has to happen to a certain extent. But it looks like I may be able to get back for the 100 hours of comittee work to reorganise the college, and also keep up the plans for 3 weeks of no admin/teaching for all attached to the study, to spend the time writing, reading, doing research or somethign similar sorting under FOU on our lists of tasks. Those three weeks are very important to me, and they have been to others, as if nothing else then it is a good time to take that week of vacation saved up from summer, or just getting a handle on all the overtime that tends to accumulate after a period of intensive teaching and preparing.

So far this is how my fall looks:
Women in Games in Dundee
Norwegian Board of research meeting, Oslo
Time to write, play and plan, New York
State of Play III, New York
Communication Union conference, Ålesund
Volda, Teaching and planning! (wow, a whole month. Something has to come up.)
Digital Arts and Culture, Copenhagen

I guess this should do it. What is not settled yet are things like: do I manage to move the meeting at the board of research a little, to get a longer period in NYC, will I have the cash for the fee at State of Play (the NYC trips do tend to drain the wallet), when is the next Board of Research meeting, will I get the resources needed for the autumn term, thus liberating this much time for me?
Update: yes, don't know yet, late enough, yes. :)


Thomas said...

Till all the stress starts in the fall, have a nice summer, Torill!

Torill said...

Thanks thomas :) I hope you're havign a great time as a bartender!

I am stressing sufficiently right now, still got almost three more weeks till vacation, and I am planning the next semester. But in July... I will be vegetating. Can hardly wait!