Thursday, June 23, 2005

Flashbacks of New York

Business Week has started with blogs for several of their employees. One of those is Michael Mandel, their Chief Economist, with Economics Unbound. Michael was the person I met through IMs, and when I dropped a broad hint that I knew something about blogs, it took him a very short time to figure out who I was, and from there an even shorter time to invite me to visit Business Week at 48th street during the ICA conference - which was taking place at 53rd street, same avenue.

We chatted about Business Week, about newspapers in general, and about the electronic revolution. My brain was elegantly and politely tapped for information, during our walk around their offices with their extravagant view of the city of Manhattan, and even more so during lunch at City Lobster.

I don't know if Michael actually learned anything useful, but I did. I also had it reconfirmed that those people I meet online, who appear to be nothing but words, are frequently nice and always real persons.


Kendrick said...

Hey I know this is totally wrong place to post this but coulnd't find anywhere else. I played Aarinfel and just randomly decided to try to find a new mud, yers was all that came up while i was looking for people to ask from the Aa. I was Ilteron if you remember me and was wondering if you'd found anywhere else you enjoyed. Thanks and sorry for the off topic post

Torill said...

Sorry, I never found anything like Aarinfel :) I started building one with one of the immortals from Dragon Realms, and people from both DR and Aa were builders, but life got in the way of the process in too many different shapes. I hope he still has a copy of the code thoug, so one day, when we're bored... :)