Thursday, June 30, 2005

LOCAL/GLOBAL at Lista fyr

My sister Solfrid lives in a lovely little house way south in Norway, has a state art grant and has spent her life living on, with and for her art: textiles, installations, drawings and paintings. One of the things she does now is exhibit and curate exhibitions at Lista fyr, which is a large lighthouse surrounded by gardens and a bird-watch area and bird resort. This summer the place will again be filled with artists, Norwegian and foreign, a mixture of different media.

And on the list of artists I also found Magnar Åm, a composer of contemporary music. If you happen to be a contemporary music buff, Magnar Åm is famous far beyond the Norwegian borders. But he is also very active locally, and directs both the choir my daughter sings in, and the choir my husband sings in.

Solfrid and Magnar are both very much living examples of the title of the exhibition. They have visions and ideas which reach beyond the small towns they live and work in, but they commit themselves to the community as well as to their international contacts, creating growth, development and making their little spot on the planet a better place to live in for more than themselves.

And if you would like to see an example of their work, the exhibition at Lista is open through July and August. Go there, and enjoy.


Summer Exhibition at the Lista Lighthouse area, Farsund, Norway arrangend by Lista Lighthouse Gallery July 3rd - September 4th 2005

Art in landscape:
Laura Baird, Canada - Srey Bandol, Cambodia - Regine von Chossy, Germany - Howard McCalebb, USA - Solfrid Olette Mortensen, Norway - Leang Seckon, Cambodia - Alfred Vaagsvold, Norway - Gudrun Westerberg, Sweden - Gao Xiang, China - Tien Yao, China.

Anne Kathrine Solbakken and RotaMundos: Elisabeth Kristensen, Vibeke Melby, Frode Holgersen, Hector Carranco (N)
Web-support Martin Vindheim.

Bunkeriologi: Alf Waage, Eva Brodtkorb, Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy (N)
Olaf Karlsen (N) - Kjell Pahr-Iversen (N)
Elin Høyland (N) - Mathilde Helene Pettersen (N)

Installations Nordberg Fort:
Marion Frigstad (N) - Solfrid Olette Mortensen (N)
Audio and video-installations:
Magnar Åm and Torill Haugen (N) - Brite Hindal(N). Riksutstillinger and others.

Opening Program Sunday July 3rd at 5 PM (17.00) in Lista Lighthouse
Gallery Garden:
Opening: Kjell Abildsnes, Vest-Agder fylkeskommune, Solfrid Olette Mortensen, artist. Performance: Laura Baird.
Dance: Margrethe Kvalbein, Huang Shan, Chen Jia and Liu Minjia.
Aries: Lorene Spain and Turid Stokke Andreassen.
Cortege: Am Car Club.
Brass band: Borhaug musikkorps.


Galleri Lista fyr
N-4563 Borhaug tel.: (+47) 9518 3518
fax.: (+47) 3839 7405
Gallery-hours: July daily from 12-5 PM. August and September only
Sundays 2-5 PM. Other visits call tel.: 9518 3518

FOLK-05 is sponsored by: Vest-Agder fylkeskommune, Areopagos, TC/G Nordica, Farsund kommune, Einar Øgrey Farsund as, Sørlandsruta as, Sørlandet Ferdiggress as. Monter Vanse.

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