Friday, October 28, 2005

Comments and honesty

Do the comments keep the writer more honest? An example from the Norwegian language blogs indicates that there is at least a risk that you'll be publicly corrected if you, the blogger, choose to be a little liberal with truth. Particularly if you write about your friends.

Would the comments keep me more honest? No, I actually believe I am honest when I write, and I don't embellish about others. Occasionally I alter stories in order to protect the anonymity of people who might be hurt (the ex boyfriend sighting is one example - yes, there are relationships in my past which it is probably better for all involved that they ended, no, it is not a precise, verifiable description of the seedling incident), but I believe, at the time of writing, that I am right. What comments could do is give me more facts.

So put them back in or keep them out? I am still thinking. At the moment I like the no-comments strategy.

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