Monday, October 24, 2005


The world is an amazing treasure chest of cool things I never knew of. Luckily others find them, and so I can see them too. Beth Noveck points to Google, and writes about Google Map Mash-up.

Google map mash-up is, apparently, a combination of the geographical data from the map and the social data from other sources - perhaps your own? Google Maps Mania is a blog devoted to mash-ups, and you can find more about this in the New York Times article Beth Noveck refers to.

Google Maps opens up for users (note: programmers, not your everyday user, but still...) to use their maps on their own websites, and put their own information on the maps. I do this with a pen on my maps of cities I visit - now, if I just knew enough of javascript, I could put this information into my personal map on the web.

It's both fascinating and scary - the information we might get about what happens where, when, with whom.

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