Wednesday, October 19, 2005

No filter

Tomorrow and Friday I will be in Ålesund, at a conference for public information and public relation workers in Norway. It is the profession I educate people to work within, and I expect to meet a lot of old friends, students, former students and contacts through internships and other cooperation between the college and the profession.

My task there will be to talk about personal publishing, and I will discuss weblogs, photo-sites and other methods of non-filtered publishing. Originally it was thought of as a workshop, but as there were as of yesterday 67 people who had registered for it, and we also have no computer lab, I have to think again. I think what I will do is turn it into a combination: a good hour or so talking and demonstrating the options, and then those who want to and have brought lap-tops can stay behind and we'll play around with the different sites I will be showing: blogger, flickr,, feedburner perhaps, to demonstrate the power of news feeds - and others as I work on fleshing out the presentation.

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