Saturday, October 08, 2005

Travel Guides

Not that I spend the time at this conference preoccupied with WOW or anything, but Jill just sent me this very useful link for travel in that other world where so many of us have fun and explore.


Psyae said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your wonderful blog, and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Psyae (yeah, I use my character name to represent myself in the blogosphere, sorry), and I primarly play WoW these days, but I have had years of experience with a multitude of other games (mostly RP).

I only had time to lightly browse your blog, but I will certainly be back for more. I'll likely link it to my blog, since you reference WoW quite a bit and seem to be having a fun time progressing there. Feel free to come by and visit my blog (, and browse/comment/etc.

BTW, dreadfully sorry about your stolen computer/camera. I can imagine how my life would tumble into turmoil should my computer/s be stolen, and all the data to disappear into the void (or perhaps be sold?.. even worse!).

If you ever need a test subject for any of your work, or just want to discuss aspects of WoW or gaming in general, feel free to call upon me. I is be edjumikated, 2.


Torill said...

Hello Psyae, you are obviously a lot more experienced in World of Warcraft than I am - can't start to think of what kind of effort I would have to go to to level several characters as far as you have.

Glad you enjoyed the visit here :)