Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Game programming in Norway

There's a study started up in a college in Norway, in game programming. I don't know much about the school, study or their bachelor program yet, but if you read Norwegian I can provide you with a link to the bachelor program description.

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Mark said...

Hi I came across your site while doing a search, this page came up:

Anyways in that post you mention something about structuring a class for "multilinear editing" and I'm curious if you can point to me to any sources where I can learn some more on this topic. I'm doing some, uh, private research as I am reticent about doing this in a master's program. It is kind of like a line you wrote on your blog that I read just a second ago, about how there are too many critics and not enough artists building new structures. Well creating structure is what i am aiming at, so any resources you could give on multilinear editing, especially any sources on theory/history of it, I'd appreciate. Thanks for any time you can give to my request Professor!