Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still in Brooklyn

I am still in USA, and I am watching summer turn to fall even here. Tonight I was reminded of the fact that I was not in Norway. I was answering questions for a women's magasine in Norway - they want to write about weblogs, and so they get in touch with "the expert". Well, I also made sure the journalist got Jill's name, as she looks so much better on glossy paper than I do. But, yes, I had a question to which the answer was not available easily online, but I knew Jill had written about it. So I sent a text message to Jill, asking her. Then I remembered: Uh Oh, it's 11 pm, she might already be in bed. Jill got her revenge though: At 2 am my cellphone alerted me that she had replied. After a quick reply to Jill I turned the sound off, luckily, because an hour later a journalist in Norwegian Broadcasting was calling me. I mean: I have done early morning interviews where my voice is deep and just-out-of-bed sounding, but I did those at 6 am, not at 3.

Do I sounds sufficiently busy and glamourous now? Well, I am hoping it can get better, as I would love to meet the Norwegian Broadcasting staff in NYC if the Norwegian staff needs a good-sounding interview of me, and not just the tinny phone sound which they tend to try and avoid at all costs. Being interviewed by the technicians who walked out without a journalist but with a microphone and a camera to let Norwegians just see and hear what happened in New York on September 11th would be WAY COOL. I thought that was one of the most intense and real broadcasts NRK had from the US in that period. The journalists were all in Washington and could not get into Manhattan no matter how many press-cards they were waving around, so the technicians just showed us what was going on. I don't know if they are still here though.

What else am I up to?
Rewriting an article on weblogs. I had wonderful reviewers feedback on it, and although there are some comments I just don't know how to deal with (I wrote that article in a bloggish style? What do you mean, this is how I write! So that may be why the blog suits me so well, the voice of a blog is really my own habitual voice.), others were wonderfully enlightening. It also gives me a chance to include some things I have found since I submitted the article.

Admitting a failure. I won't go further into that, let's just say I am mortal, only have 24 hours a day, and also get the odd neurotic reaction, denial and other human stuff when I face a task that scares me. I hate it though.

Planning Friday and Saturday, when I will be first at NYU for a lecture on Second Life, and later on State of Play.

After that: draft a workshop for the first week back in Norway, make a draft for the book I will be spending the spring term writing (YAY), prepare for a whole bunch of assesment tasks waiting for me, plan to go to Bergen to celebrate Thomas' 42nd year and visit my most beloved of daughters, who has moved back to Bergen where she was born, back to the University where she spent her first years, and is now being a very good student - at least as far as Mommy knows.

No danger that my life will become empty of tasks and quests this autumn. And if it should, there is always WOW.


Jill said...

LOL! I hadn't considered the time difference - I just ignored the beep of your SMS arriving on my phone last night because I was sick and tired of the world and my phone and wanted to get to bed. This morning my mood was far more sprightly and so I replied as soon as I saw who last night's SMS was from.

Sorry it woke you!

And yes, meeting NRK's NYC people sounds awesome! How interesting! I hope that works out!

Torill said...

No problem, I disturbed you After Dagsrevyen - which accordng to my upbringing is way too late for anything to do with work :)

soumana datta said...

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