Thursday, October 10, 2002

Blog poem of today

thinking with the law of files of
time in a little Gate
and objective is less pleasing
accept Blogging
has always been able to
have forgotten.
impossible to do corporate Advertising.
posted by successive contexts. In hand in contradistinction to
sleep more than imagined: each
element defined
It said I am going through
in actualisation: the and becomes a
the aurora.
Still, know Although
I remember you really hard, because there are beside
one town in general:
I find that trick and
rules in a location place .

from Rob's amazing poem generator

And on march 16th 2001, I made this poem with the same generator:

Thinking with the Senators making
no Barbarians come into the bottom
of the of exerting
power and bad television, as the English speakers
think they
come and to the English speakers I will alter not
nice young girls and
really be a web that computer
game rather as power to take meaningful
or when I think
a reason for subjectifying?. To achieve with sportstape,
covered with the why is a hundred
elfin years going in this is I
had forgotten all the of your
own potential. That this is my work?
of the best posted by
Torill Mortensen
13:39 if you
can enjoy the year
I can I snatched this weblog. he
asked me the americans
was kidding. three days
later a sentence and desire.

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