Friday, October 18, 2002

Thoughts about the future - not visions yet.
Structure, system, organisation, process and distribution - these are keywords for the system I would like to develop for the students and incorporate it in the study. When I started the information study in Volda 11 years ago, I spent a lot of time explaining potential students that no, this is not a study in informatics or information science, but a study in communication and public information. I nursed the study past the childhood diseases and into acceptance, until explaining the difference between information in Volda and information science at the University in Bergen was no problem any more. These days, my baby is developing into a nerd, where organisation theory and internal information flows are linked with computer information tools and digital networks. Computer technology in this context is about structuring access and distribution in a way that makes sense to the user who is not interested in the transfer "an sich", but in what the message signifies.

I need to add some more keywords: signification, meaning, sense-making, perception/reception.

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