Friday, October 04, 2002

Non-Place places
A review of Marc Augé's Non-Places.
Research on Place; Non-Places by Bruce B. Janz.
The Modern Nomad enters the non-places.
Non-Places and the Enfeeblement of Rhetoric in Supermodernity. by Grant Boswell.
Out of Nowhere by Catharina Gabrielsson.
The loss of time and space from The telemodernisation project.

And while searching for Marc Augé and non-places, I found Representing Space, which is part of a larger work by Bob Goldman and Steve Papson: Landscapes of Capital: Representing Time, Space, & Globalization in Corporate Advertising. This seems like a very interesting project:

How do corporate television commercials portray a world defined by global capitalism? Drawing on a dataset of over 800 TV commercials sponsored by corporate firms from 1995 to the present, we seek to 'map' the landscapes and narratives of Capital, Technology and Globalization set forth in corporate television advertising.

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