Thursday, October 10, 2002

the day before yesterday Pause and Effect by Mark S. Meadows arrived. I haven't had the time to really read it yet, because I find that I don't read the book, I fall into it. I look at the pictures, I turn the book over on the side to get all the stuff in small print, I leaf several pages on to see the skeleton assemble itself, and so I am lost, catching only glimpses of the text. But I am already in love with the book, and getting the distance to it needed for critical analysis will be really hard, because even the surface of the cover seduces me: slick and rougher areas tickling my fingertips as the generous weight of it rests in my hands. Reading and touching it is a sensous experience that overrules the analytical part of me and makes the book worth the cost no matter what's actually in it. I have paid more for less pleasing items - if the writing is good too I'll marry the book!

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