Thursday, October 03, 2002

Running Thoughts
Blogging has always been a kind of surplus activity: Thoughts which didn't belong in the thesis and still might be interesting have leaked into this blog over the last year. I have never had to take time to update the blog, it's happened naturally as a part of the process of writing. Writing and reading has generated more writing and reading.

Now that I have started teaching, and more and more of my job is teaching and administration, I find that blogging has become complicated. I think while I run, these days, not while I write. The "research" I do these days has nothing at all to do with MUDs or Media Theory, it's all about technicalities within the college, administrative routines and digging for a free room with computers that have the capacity my students need. Boring. But it makes my adrenaline flow, when I have to run across campus and drag the head of the IT-department into a small room where he'll have to listen to me, or when I engage in a yelling match (I am a woman, we don't do pissing contests) over who needs which resources first. Trivial, silly - but vital to the students I care for. And now I'll run off and do some more of that.

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