Wednesday, October 02, 2002

A friend of mine comes to visit from London, and we are both in a slight, but in a good way, shock over the suddeness of it. However, getting from London to Volda is not as simple as it might seem. The first problem was to find a travel agency that was aware of more than one town in Norway. Oslo seemed to be the only option. Finally, one agency also knew about Bergen, but, sadly, that doesn't really help. Much running back and forth in London searching for cheap tickets - Ryan Air has some ridiculously cheap flights between London and Oslo - but it seemed like it might all strand somewhere in the mountains between Volda, Oslo and Bergen.

That's when we both remembered the internet. So, for those who might want to go to Volda, these are the options, all available through this wonderful communications technology. Go to Wideroe's website, and keep a dictionary handy. Remember, you aren't really travelling to Volda, because that will land you in Vologda, Russia, you are going to Ørsta-Volda, or just Ørsta. If you can't get a ticket to Volda, you have to check out SAS and look for a ticket to Ålesund. In Ålesund you get the airport bus to the main station, and then you look for a bus to Volda. This will take you in and out and across a couple of fjords, and then you'll be here. If all those options fail, and you're stranded at Gardermoen, the much-criticised but beautiful main airport in Norway, there are still more busses. The name of the company? Nor Way, or course!

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