Monday, January 05, 2004

Blogs too
This year, I am using blogs in teaching, too. Not at all like Jill , Pattie Belle and Dennis, they focus mainly on blogs as genre and tool, but as a simple trick to make a space available for my students while they work on a net task. I have no great ambitions of creating new bloggers, or of teaching them to write this way. We force our students to write from day one, for print, for the net, press-releases and student papers: one of the largest strains on the teaching staff in this Media Department is reading/listening/viewing/attending student work.

And now they are supposed to blog. That is because they have net-related tasks, and I want them to solve them through linking: searching, linking and writing short summaries and quick comments.

It's only going to last three days, I am using blogspot blogs which I have already set up for them, and I will be available pretty much all the time. But I think it will be fun!

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