Monday, January 26, 2004

Issues in studying weblogs and games
This is a list of issues I need to clarify for myself this week. Preferably tomorrow afternoon.
  • Democracy: Why blogs are important for the freedom og speech and support democracy is easy - but how does this connect to games?

  • Social spaces: How to define an online social space and then research what happens and who participate?

  • Games: where does the game and and the socialising begin?

  • Weblogs: which definition to go with (that one is pretty easy, and I even know why.)

  • Convergence media: what genres overlap, interact, influence and change weblogs? Games? And how does these genres influence the sphere around them?

  • What do I want to do: book, articles, essay, documentary, hypertext, website?

  • Connections and cooperation: got to get things together so I can actually express ideas to others.

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