Monday, January 05, 2004

The secret defense
I received an email this Christmas with an invitation to Bergen (one I sadly have to decline, If I survive the workload of the next two months that will be due to pure stubbornness) to be present at Jan Rune Holmevik's defense.

Making a search for the trial lecture and defense brings up nothing. The University of Bergen page of Doctoral defenses in 2004 is empty, as is the news-section of the section of Humanistic Informatics, which is where Jan Rune has been a doctoral candidate. But the place and date is:

Humanistic Faculty Building (HF-bygget) Auditorium B, University of Bergen:
Trial lecture January 8th at 16.30
Defense January 9th at 10.15

What I can't find is a description of his PhD project, which is a pity, because Jan Rune is a versatile and multifaceted scholar, and I am really not sure what his doctoral thesis is about! He is however a wizard of linguaMOO and a co-editor with Cynthia Haynes of the book HighWired, he works with the use of MOOs in education and was the chair of DAC2000 in Bergen. He is also one of the few people in computer studies who talks right, coming as he does from a narrow fjord nearby, one which I have to admit might be even more pittoresque than this one.

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