Monday, January 12, 2004

New York underworld
Satan's Laundromat has a long series of pictures from an abandoned subway tunnel. The subway has always amazed me. The NYC subway system transports as many people as the entire population of Norway in 36 hours. (It is an exhausting thought - everybody, children, people in hospitals, the elderly - all the people who live in Norway, would have to travel at least once every 36 hours if we were to keep a system like the NYC metro busy.) But the pictures from the abandoned tunnel show something very different - a haunted space, a monument of movement long ceased.

And in one of the pictures is a person - Steve - whose presence prompts a link to his site, undercity - a guerilla history of New York.

(Update: The pictures from the tunnels are from Newark, New Jersey, according to the guy behind Satan's Laundromat.)

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