Monday, January 19, 2004

Dreaming of elves
I haven't had a game-related dream in more than a year, perhaps two, but yesterday I woke up with a vivid memory of what I had just been dreaming. I was the half-elf wife of a human minor noble. It was a marriage of convenience, and we were both hoping to manipulate the other into becoming our puppet. I particularly vividly remember having used the element of surprise at the dinner table of some remote noble relatives. In my dream I seized him by the throath, sharp nails digging into the skin just by his adam's apple, while I softly promised him that...

I woke up there, the memory of his skin and the pulse underneath my fingertips clear enough to wonder if I had, in my sleep, seized a man by the throath. But my husband was peacefully asleep, and I had no idea what I was about to tell that man in his tacky velvet with too much gold embroidery.

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