Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Classroom blogging
The sound of hectic activity and frantically tapping keyboards surround me. After the first hour of frustrations, all students have found computers that work, have blogger accounts and figured out the basics of blogging. Now they are searching for good links, cooperating happily or suffering with the initial barriere to that first blogpost.

I made seven blogs, but we are only using five of them. Each blog has a topic, and two-three students have access to each blog. I have told them to start by writing a definition of their task, read the others' definitions, and then comment on those definitions. They all work at varying speed, but after a few "is this what you want us to do all week?" they are all working. Well, most, I think I have lost one, but that's an other matter.

The five blogs in question are Spill, Mobilitet, Digitalt Demokrati, Digital Organisasjon, Dokumentstrukturar and are Norwegian language blogs, of course.

I haven't had time to read through the posts some of my more hyperactive and argumentative students have posted already, but no matter how this works as a learning experience - I am having fun!

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