Sunday, December 12, 2004

The article from hell

I hope it doesn't read as pure pain, but I have rarely suffered this much for an article. I am spoiled in many way by being able to write easily and to even enjoy the process. This time around I have however felt like I have been writing uphill all the way.

I know it has to do with having too many different tasks at the same time. Administration and academic writing are mutually exclusive - no, more than that, when you try to write and manage at the same time you create a black hole of guilt which sucks up all available time and energy and only grows stronger and more powerful with every sentence you slave over or every task you attempt to finish. After a short while you start doing both things badly, and as your confidence crumbles you feel the black hole start draining away all creative juices and all constructive energy.

But now the article is done. I will proofread it tomorrow and then send it off and have it out of my mind until it returns from the editors. Respite, finally.

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