Monday, December 20, 2004

Beating. Dead. Horse.

Or is it an ignored issue which should be addressed? I have to admit though, that the whole "Where are the female academic bloggers" issue makes me want to ask "What net do you guys read, is there another one over there?"

Geekymom with annoying red and green graphics (the green print becomes a shiny blur against the red background), blogs the lively discussion at Crooked Thimber.


Unknown said...

Yep, I agree it's a dead horse, but I still wanted to beat it. I promise better graphics after the holidays. Just had to get festive.

Jill said...

BitchPhD's response is my favourite: Where are all the male academic bloggers? She has a damn good point: accepting the question "where are all the women bloggers" - which people do again and again, despite our putting our hands up and saying "here, here!" - is accepting an androcentric view of the world.

The comments at Crooked Timber are completely depressing. Certainly make me happy to just ignore that site.

Torill said...

Well, geekymom, as I don't get much satisfaction from beating horses at all, I can see why it's preferable to beat the dead ones. What would be much more fun would be to spank every male who asks that question. We could send one female blogger to spank each male blogger and see if we won't manage to match them one on one. And more academic women might be interested in blogging if it meant we get to spank at least one ignorant male at least once.

As for the graphics, they are VERY festive and perfect for the season ;)

Jill - I agree, seriously depressing comments. But I guess if we don't have a group blog, we aren't academics. Hey, wait, somebody have already started academic group blogs with women! Or are they academic, since they are written by women?