Saturday, December 04, 2004

Copenhagen fog and smoke

I have been working intensively for three days. Visiting and listening to descriptions of three Colleges/Universities in three different countries in three days is exhausting. The visits are research for the suggestion to a reorganising of Volda College which has to be submitted by September 2005.

Today I am in Copenhagen, my brunch appointment was cancelled last minute last night, and I spend the morning online, reading email and trying to get updated to all the things I haven't been able to keep up with. Not much, really, just a couple of pages of emails from people who remind me of things I could have done better. The sun is almost out, I smell of the smoke which is still permitted in public places in Denmark, and I ache, ankles, knees, hips, back. I will be back up to my tiny room to grab the camera and my all-but-empty wallet before I am out of here to walk slowly, lazily about the busy streets of one of my favourite cities.

Pictures, game-related blogging and hopefully some good stuff to be found here next week.

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