Tuesday, December 21, 2004

BlogTalk Downunder

If you want to go to a blogtalk conference in 2005, there will not be any in Vienna, but you can go to Sydney! BlogTalk Downunder, 20-21st of May, is planned to be a refereed conference covering a wide range of topics.

Sydney in May? I wish.

Really. I have this little dream, ever since I first visited Australia in 1996, that some day I'll be able to spend a year there. Perhaps as a visiting scholar, faculty or just a fabulously rich lady of leisure. Does anybody have a position for a media scholar for a year, somewhere not too far from the beach?


Antti said...

Thanks for the tip!

I will be studying in Sydney for 6 months (Feb-July) as an exchange student. So I hope I'll be able to participate in it!

Torill said...

Happy to help! And totally envious, of course :)

Susoz said...

I found your blog via Francis and also thank you for the tip - I *live* in Sydney :-) So I am considering submitting a paper as I just did my MA dissertation as a case study of an Australian blog (which folded right after I had studied it).

Torill said...

Then I think you should definitely submit a paper! And that's the risk of studying the net - your oject of study can fold without warning.

James said...

How about this one: http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=fj6tvb6iih69

Cheers, James