Sunday, March 20, 2005

The doom is postponed

The article Hilde and I want to write together for the conference Women in Games, seemed to be doomed this week. After months of trying to get together, in Bergen or in Førde, between Volda and Sogndal, we were supposed to cooperate online using a livejournal blog (for their privacy settings) and lingua.moo. We managed to agree on a good and solid outline, we have been doing a lot of game-playing seperately, and we were ready to rock. That's when work hit me hard, and the daily drudgery at the college took all conscious hours.

But, LOOK, the deadline for all submissions was not 21st of March as we though, but 28th! Lucky me, I get to spend easter finishing this!

Well, I get to spend two days of easter for this. The rest of the period it is back to the weblogs and literacy project, an article moving at snail's pace towards a deadline I keep supressing.

I think I'll make one of Jill's not-to-do lists, and look at all the things I can ignore for the next week, when I feel too far down from spending easter with the cat, writing and cleaning up in the basement.

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