Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Save Toby!

Did you think Norwegians were cruel, with the whaling and in general insistance that hunting for food is OK? Perhaps we should learn from this guy, who is blackmailing the world at savetoby.com. Unless YOU pay 50 000 $, Toby, the cute little bunny, will be eaten on the 30th of June. There are pictures and recipes, for those who doubt the resolve of the man about to eat a rabbit.

This is a brilliant idea. Rather than defending the whaling as a matter of research, Norwegians should just say: Yes, it’s cruel, but pay us XXX XXX XXX$ for each whale we would otherwise kill, and we’ll find some other research to do. And if a rabbit, who looks like he can’t weigh more than a kilo or two, is worth 50 000 $, imagine what a whale would mean for the research funds of Norway!

Link by way of Thomas.


Stig Eriksen said...

As a true norwegian I reealy like the idea of "ransoming" the whales. Maybe the government could make a "whale fund" so we can horde a bit more money... we are, after all, quite famous for hording...

but more to the point, this toby-incident is not the first of it's ind. take a look at http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/savetoby.asp

nice site for stuff like that.

Torill said...

:) And here I was, planning to open a "save the whales" page on April 1st! Yes, I think it's hilarious, and thanks for the urban legends link!