Monday, March 21, 2005

Girls in Games

Game Developers are getting their own girly-organisation! I am of mixed minds about this: at the one side, women should be as naturally part of game developing as men. But we know that doesn't happen, so women need their own special interest organisations. I clearly see the need of the organisation, I support the goal, I admire the women doing this job, if they need a female game academic I'll be there for them as far as I can - and I resent the fact that organised rebellion is the only way for women to be able to participate as ... well, still not equals, but at least less insignificant.


Corvus said...

It seems to me that people should be hired because their input will make a game better, not because of their gender. Of course, I also feel that the industry is stagnating somewhat (by and large) and could use a fresh approach to traditional genres. That, to me, necessitates hiring something other than 20 and 30 something males, so if Girls in Games is going to raise awareness of those issues while advocating for change, then I'm 100% behind them!

indicavia said...

Hei Torill!
Jeg har sendt deg en mail på din adresse for to minutter siden. Hvis du sjekker den og svarer meg blir jeg veldig glad, men jeg drar i morgen og blir borte resten av påsken så jeg kan ikke svare deg igjen før på søndag. Takk for oppmerksomheten! :)