Monday, March 14, 2005

Increasingly real

I have emailed with Francis, I know a person who has met a person who has met him, and now I have heard his voice, talking with Steffanie. The Francis Strand construct is developing, gaining colour and moving into more dimentions than the one of written words.

I have never doubted the existence of Francis Strand, he is so human and writes such wonderful posts and emails. But I still enjoy the way his voice fleshes out the image of him.

(Oh, and the Scandinavian word of the day is torg/torv/torj, which means means market.)

(And while I search for Dust from a distant sun, in order to link to Tinka, I find she is leaving her location, a breadcrumb trail leading from the post that is about to be deleted to her new blog. Some other girl who calls herself Eve and calls her blog comes up at the url that used to lead to Tinka. While I stopped reading distantsun a long time ago, seduced to other reads, I know I will miss its existence in the links of friends and in other weblogs. Kind of like discovering that some of your neighbours have moved, there are new people in their home, and you never noticed.)


Lisbeth Klastrup said...

Oh, but Tinka is still very much alive at her very own non-Blogger site:

Torill said...

Good! Thanks Lisbeth!

Francis S. said...

...and the next time you come to Stockholm, we will meet, whenever that may be!