Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What academic women need

Forget about whining about injustice through needing to more work than the men in order to be considered equal, Stop banging your heads against the glass ceiling, drop the formal demands to reviewing processes. What women need to do an outstanding job in academia isn't equality.

It's an independently wealthy, well educated, capable and tidy personal slave.

Whenever I want to do something, even just plan a lecture, there is so much paperwork I need to shovel first, my back hurts. I am fine with doing the nit-picking work of research, fine with reading 10 books for every 3 I can use, fine with reading 30 papers every 3 weeks, fine with working 12 hour days in order to prepare for a concentrated batch of lectures - what I am not fine with is spending one day on clearing the desk of demands from up above for each task I am actually trained for.

Let me teach, let me research, let me think, speak, gather knowledge and share it!

Just don't make me fill out another form... please...

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