Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Signs of Spring

Summer in Volda is not neccessarily so warm that the winter clothes don't come in handy. The real difference is in what footwear we use. After months of heavy, insulating boots, to be able to slip the feet into light sneakers or perhaps even an optimistic pair of sandals is a luxury. And then there are the activities which are impossible in winter.

This year I am borrowing/inheriting a pair of roller blades from my son. Yesterday I tried them for the first time ever, as I found a place I hoped would be sheltered from prying eyes. Turns out that half of Volda had decided to practice rollerskating away from prying eyes at the exact same road as I was on, at the same time. Nothing like looking helpless and clumsy in company of all your neighbours for the community spirit.

This winter has been too long and too dark, and I have been more affected by the weather than ever before. Exhaustion has been a familiar companion, edging me towards despair as I have failed tasks and seen opportunities slip. But now the days are longer than the nights, and the intense light from a wide open sky, reflected in the ever-moving water, fills even the darkest corners of my mood.


thomas said...

As Mr. Wheather comments on one of his pictures (pardon my Norwegian): "Etter tre og ein halv månad i regn og mørkeskodde, er ein slik dag ei rein openberring!"

My Scribbling Retreat said...

Spring is amazing, my favorite time of the year. I bloom with the flowers, and sing with the birds. Enjoy Sunnmøre this time a year, it is nothing less than stunning!!