Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 4 - me, the cyborg

It's all the little things. I didn't have any large stuff which I can't find copies of on the laptop, I think, but there was a lot of small stuff. When I try to work, every five minutes I think: I had something about that - I had a draft for that - I had downloaded an article... and it's on the laptop. Through the day I get constantly reminded of the fact that it isn't here. Normally work is my way to forget unpleasant things, or gaming. Now, even playing WOW, I realise that I have learned all the backbone stuff on the laptop, and the big computer, while having a faster connection and more general OOMPH, just isn't the same thing. And I find myself reaching for the wrong key, and I remember it's not the laptop, and...

The prothesis metaphor isn't just an image. I am a Cyborg.

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