Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 4 - resignation

The exhileration had left the police force as I visited and signed the statement they needed to continue to press charges. Monday was marked by progress, Tuesday they still hoped to find the missing things, today we all resigned.

He must have had an accomplice, one with a car. Nobody said so, but I fear the accomplice has my computer, the cellphone and the camera.

The department is ordering a new laptop. Nobody can stand to work with me while I am grieving in public, showing up red-eyed to meetings and whimpering every time somebody says the word "computer". And the dean claims he's losing 3000 n kr a day while I am inoperational due to computer-amputation. Getting a new one and getting me working again is cheaper than to wait for somebody to hand over the old one, in his opinion.

So, now I'll leave this subject alone until there is some real news. Other than the news that he probably stole a mini-disc player as well. One is missing, and it was last seen right next to the window he left through. Fun fun fun. At least he didn't see the other expensive music equipment under the sheets and towels left scattered since the last slumber party. And thief-accomplice, if you read this: NO, it's not there any more.

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Dennis G. Jerz said...

I've found the chronicle of your loss illuminating. It does help when you can put it down into words... I personally won't mind if you still use your blog to grieve.