Monday, August 15, 2005

Stolen computer day 2

The exitement! I can barely stand it!
OK, updates:
First, we discovered that a cellphone was missing as well, but I have already mentioned that. Then the police rang our doorbell last night returning a bicycle (belonging to a friend of my son) they had retrieved while chasing the thief. Somebody had been seen in the area, running through the gardens, finally stealing a bicycle. Seems like all the police officers in Volda were there last evening, and they were very happy to have hunted him down.

This morning they had no evidence yet that this was the guy. But they had the boat he had arrived in, and it was empty of equipment: television, computer, GPS - lots of different electronic goodies. So he had to have a stash somewhere. I went down after lunch to report the break-in and the stolen stuff, with what documentation I could find. All the police were out looking for the loot, they had searched through our garden and the outhouses of the empty house below ours, but one of the officers in charge came back while we were there, to take my report.

As we were doing that, the phone rang, and the officer had to take it, as he was the one in charge and everybody else were out. The thief had then just confessed to breaking into our house as well. And what was even better, they may know where he stashed it! So now I am optimistic again, after a somewhat gloomy morning. I am just hoping it is somewhere dry. I feel the electronic pain, like it was my own prothesis he had stolen, a slice of my brain, the third eye.

So I didn't finish the formal registration of the break-in, just gave them what information I had to help recognising the items we are missing. I will be back later, when they are done treasure hunting in the hillsides and gardens of Volda, to make certain the formalities of the case are correct.


Corvus said...

Here's hoping!

*sregnif essorc*

Unknown said...

Crossing my fingers!

Feijão said...

Thank god you're in Norway. I'm sure that tomorrow you'll be typing on your PC!

luvdmb36 said...

I hope you get your stuff back!!!