Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Girl teams

Norwegian girl team for Cyberathlete Professional League: Team "Fainted" - From

"The boys used to laugh at us" is the headline in the article in Dagbladet. According to Tore Vesterby boys didn't just laugh at female professional counterstrike players. In Dundee he described some of the behaviour a Danish team had to put up with, and the verbal abuse was quite significant. His master's thesis is called "speak softly and carry a big gun" (pdf) - sadly useful and familiar advice for women in all contexts.


Politikk1 said...

Torill your former students have started bloging,
I think you are to blame, in one way or another.....

Torill said...

I hope you blame me in the nicest possible way! Although carrying the blame for more free speach and constructive individual self expression is not a bad thing at all.

Politikk1 said...

We only blame you in the nicest possible way,
Maybe it was your lecture on bloging (back in 2002) that put us on the idea.