Monday, August 22, 2005

The wrong path

Did you ever play those "choose your own path" games, and take only the wrong turns? If you came to a crossroad you would consistently choose the path that forced you to go back, lose a lot of what you had gained, and start over?

That is my life at the moment. When I think things can't get gloomier, one more little thing happens, and it's worse. For the first time ever I am actually afraid of flying. I am afraid of doing anything which can make me choose the wrong thing. But inaction can be the wrong choice as well, and staying on the ground might be as spectacularly wrong as flying. I am doomed to continue down the wrong options in the multi-choice story of my life, either way.

Any upsides at the moment?

Well, Agirra is level 30, and I love having the totem of the air and the air spells as part of her repetoir. She can walk on water and see around corners as well. I think I want to become an orc and move to Durotar.


Thomas said...

You'd still have to fly ...

Torill said...

Good point Thomas. But I'd have more chances! WoW is a protected, ideal environment, where somebody are striving to look after everybody in it, and give them the best possible experience. Perhaps what I need is somebody else to blame, like a game designer. "God" is a little too abstract for that.