Tuesday, August 23, 2005


A new laptop is on its way. I can't wait! Lacking the laptop is now leading to physical pain. Saying it was a prothesis was less of a joke and more of a truth than I thought: it let me work with less physical effort, and helped me overcome my back problems.

The technical department, two very nice men who do their best to make sure things work well, sent me a tracking link. I am checking it obsessively.


Torill said...

It was in Ålesund this morning. It can be here any time. The anticipation, the anticipation!

Torill said...

And it's here! Getting set up with access to the network, photoshop and all other necessary items, and I really really look forwards to taking it home. Her. I think it's a female, because her older sister was abducted by a man.

And yes, I will be anthropomorphing my computer from now on. There's nothing impersonal in how I feel about her.