Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Do you know any blogging of USA anti-war rallies?
A media researcher in Norway, Rune Ottosen, who wrote a very good criticism of the last Gulf war as well as a discussion on the rhetoric of war after September 11th (both in Norwegian, though), is of course very busy these days, but not too busy to reply to my email. I asked him if the Norwegian under-reporting of the anti-war rallies in the US is caused by Norwegian editorial choices or by under-reporting from US sources. His reply was that the large Norwegian newspapers Dagbladet and Aftenposten are both very critical of the war and of current American politics, but they take most of their news of USA from CNN. This is probably what causes the underreporting at this end of the line, since CNN seems to have chosen sides.

Rune Ottosen ends his letter by asking me if I know of any blogs that report these protest. Most of what I have on them I however have from sporadic reports, like Alex Golub's uncommon post (march 20th) and occasional remarks in Mark Bernstein's and Elizabeth Lane Lawley's posts, or emails from people like Pattie Bell Hastings. These report some of the resistance, but are not focusing on it. Does anybody out there have better samples for me to pass on to Rune? The email is tmathivoldadotno.

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