Friday, March 28, 2003

Welcome to the addiction
I feel the pull. I feel the need to let go, to spend all waking hours, and some when I should be sleeping, in this trancelike state of fictitious reality. My fingers hurt already, after a no longer familiar effort, and I growl in frustration as my goal eludes me - again.

Yes, somebody has opened up Dragon Realms II: The return of Balpherus. The main immortal is Kyndig of One of my all time favourite players is acting as an immortal at the moment, because it seems like Kyndig will be absent for a while. The game isn't really anything like Dragon Realms of old yet, but for an old player with a new character which can't really explore much anyway, just being back with that familiar skill system, the oh-so-familiar leveling and the promise - no, demand - of role-play is like coming home. Seeing Gustalvo, the non-player character innkeeper in Haven was almost like seeing some old aquintance...

Anyway, if you want to see what I used to be so addicted to: go to Zugg software and download a version of ZMud. If you scroll all the way down you find the free, unsupported version. Then you log on to, port 9000. I may be there. Actually, unless I am teaching, eating or sleeping, it's pretty likely that I am there. Ooops, I found the boar that I had to flee from earlier today. this time around I'll get it! (Or I'll return to fighting clay pigeons...)

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